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New to Homeschooling due to COVID-19?

New to “homeschooling” due to the COVID-19? Well, no worries! I am here to tell you from one parent to another, you got this! I have full confidence in you, and YOU GOT THIS! Like my daughter said, "homeschooling or "at home schooling" is not a cookie cutter thing, it's a wonderful, beautiful mess!"

I am not going into my background of homeschooling on this actual post, I will type that one up later. For now let’s look at some of the basics that you might be struggling with.

Mindset | First let me say parents, that your mindset will set the day for both you and your child(ren.) So if you wake up with a “we got this”, you can get through the day. If you start with a “lets get this done” you will get it done. If you wake up, and its rainy and you have an off morning, then change things up.

There are times or days that you or your child may get frustrated, aggravated, etc. We are allowed to have these feelings, it’s how we react to them that is important. One thing that I have found that works for us, when I get frustrated with my child or if my child is getting frustrated with his school work is stopping at that point and calling out “creative playtime.” This gives me and the child time to regroup and find answers or solutions if it’s based on a subject topic that the child is struggling with. Cause face it, we know it all and we just can’t understand why they are not “getting it.” That was a joke, just in case you didn’t get it.

Let’s define “Creative playtime.” It our house “creative playtime” is playing with legos, finding a board game, or playing with toys that are creative and require the child to think, imagine, and play. It is NOT anything electronic. Electronics are a NO GO until ALL school work is completed for the day. That means, no TV, no ipads unless it is an education app or software, absolutely no video games. This also creates a sense of, I need to get up and get my school work completed in order to get access to my video games.

Schedule | If you plan on going back to public schooling when everything is over, I would suggest trying to keep your regular schedule. Write down your typical Monday-Friday schedule, from the time you wake-up until you go to bed. Then have your kids sit down with you and write out what their typical daily school schedule looked like. Lay out all the families schedules and put together a blended schedule. Then post that schedule in a common place, like the fridge or maybe you have a board where schedules go.

Keep your morning routines of waking up, eating and getting dressed for “school.” However, it is okay if you decide that you want to do school and spend the whole day in your pjs. Those rainy days, well they can get to you and the kids so, change things up a bit on those days you feel a different moral in the house.

It may mean that lunch is changed for one child so that the family can have lunch together. Or it may mean that another child does math first thing so you can work with all the children together on the same subjects.

Location | Here is the cool thing, some homeschoolers use their dining room table, others use the kitchen bar, some have offices or specific rooms they have set up. At home, kids can do things a little different. Some need a designated location, while others you can change up daily. Schooling at home can be flexible in location. There are days around here where we literally gather the “school books” and go outside to the steps, back porch, or even doctor’s office when needed. Take advantage of those beautiful sunny days.

This is what I have for now, and will add more throughout the day or days.

What are somethings you would like more information on? Please comment or send us an email.

Not completed Blog... but I have started! Stay tuned!

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