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Homeschool Resources - Heather's List

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Many of you have asked that we put together a blog or post with resources. This will be an ongoing list of resources you can always come back and check. Eventually, we may turn these into a page for you to to have access to, but for now we will start here. 

• One of my favorite go to for extra practice is, www.K5learning.com. Here is can find all kinds of free worksheets for kindergarten through fifth grade. You DON'T have to sign up, you just scroll down towards bottom and locate the section "Free Worksheets." From there you can find worksheets from math, reading comprehension, spelling, grammar, writing, and even flashcards. Of course they have other resources that you can sign up for, and not all of it is free. But you can pay a small amount and download entire workbooks from K5 Learning.

Teachers Pay Teachers is another great resource to find worksheets and assignments. These resources come from mostly teachers themselves. Just plug into the left column what subject and grade, and a list of resources will come up. Some of these are free and others have a price tag. It is just based on what you are willing to pay.

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool is a popular website among the homeschool groups. You can find all subjects including Art and Bible online here.

Khan Academy is another resource that offers a wide range of material on many subjects, and for many grade levels. • There are many companies that offer discounted services or free product with a "Teacher" ID. They also offer these same discounts or free items to Homeschool parents with an ID or your "Letter of Intent." Homeschool Buyers Co-op is where i get my yearly "Homeschool" ID. There are 2 options, one to print at home and the second is a printed card for a small fee. In order to do either, they request that you join the Co-op site. Just a small request for an item that can help save you money allayer round. Want to know where you can get these discounts or free items? Check out my next blog post "Free and Discounted services and products for Homeschoolers."

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