• Heather Dixon

The Dixon's Journey to Homeschooling

As the 2020-2021 school year approaches, and there are still so many questions and uncertainty among the public and even private schools, I wanted to share with you our journey to homeschooling our youngest son.  Looking back to the beginning of our youngest sons school journey, we started with a private K4 program, that used Abeka. One of the best PreK programs I have see, however they did not go any higher in education. We started the process for finding another private school and found a program that offered Kindergarten; Here again that is the highest education level the program went. Not happy with the public schools in our area, and not sure if we would get school choice, we came across a program called Georgia Cyber Academy aka GCA; also known as public digital learning. Our first grade year, was a great experience. It had a learning curve, but about a month into the program it was great. We even signed up for 2nd grade, and that is where GCA lost us. We were so use to the year prior that when they made changes to drop the K12 program (books and supplies we used in 1st grade) and took it all online digital, my sons adjustments were not so easy. Each day was a total meltdown for us both. We were logged into a computer for 6-8 hours a day, all screen time. Books, lessons, etc were all online and it seemed that not only did the teachers not have a clue how it all worked, neither did the administration. The program became to stressful for not only him but myself as well. We went for his 7 year check up, late August and even his pediatrician said that we needed to rethink his schooling that 6-8 hours of digital learning was not good for him. So back up to June, about two months prior to 2nd grade, my adult daughter asked me if i had heard of Masterbooks Curriculum. At that time I had not, and went online to order a catalog to see what they were about. After my husband and I looked through the catalog when it arrived, We liked what we had seen. We started to pray over what God wanted us to do; as we were already registered for 2nd grade with GCA. Back to late August, when we arrived home from the doctors appointment and I talked with my husband, we made the decision to pull our son from the public digital learning program and order our first set of curriculum of Masterbooks. I quickly unenrolled him, filled out my DOI form for the state of Georgia, and purchased both sets of suggested 1st and 2nd grade curriculum sets. We wanted to step back and review a few important concepts that were introduced in first grade, so that is why both sets of curriculum. Besides, it was extremely affordable to do so. From the day after Labor Day until January 1st we hit the First grade curriculum hard. Each day filled with 4.5 to 5 hours of book work and sitting down to make sure he understood the concepts that he was presented. In January we started second grade curriculum and on track with his peers. We are just about completed with second grade, and are working towards having it finished by Labor Day of this year.

Third grade curriculum is purchased, and unboxing day has already arrived. DOI for the upcoming year already in the books. We will begin Third grade the day after Labor Day! Have questions? Need helping with homeschooling? Drop me a message and I will be more than happy to help you. Thank you for taking the time to read!

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