• Heather Dixon

"Creative Playtime"

Life can get crazy busy around my house with running a freelance graphic design business, homeschooling, house chores, sports and the list continues. There is homeschool work that has to be completed, and there are times when either my child or myself will get frustrated. Maybe it is a subject he is struggling with and he is frustrated because he really wants to understand. Or a client calls and I need to take the call, which means homeschooling is paused for a moment. Well, my son and I developed something called "Creative Playtime."

What is "Creative Playtime?" When "Creative Playtime" is called, it means one of us needs a break. A break to refocus, a break to take a call, a breather, whatever the need is. During this "Creative Playtime" my child can play with blocks, legos, action figures, color, read, anything but electronics. During this time there are no electronics, no video game systems, no iPads, no computer games, not even tv.

We typically only use this once a day, otherwise my child might try and take advantage of it. As a parent, you know when your child really needs the "Creative Playtime" or when you really need the "Creative Playtime." Whatever the reason, use it as a moment to regroup.

What do you think of "Creative Playtime?"

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