About our Blogger

Meet our bloggers, a mother and daughter team that want to share their journey of God, family, life, and food. These two have over 77 years of life experiences and knowledge when combined. Both born in Georgia, but now miles apart, Heather can tell you about life in the suburban area, while Kinsley can tell you what life is like in a more rural area (or on the farm.) This mother, daughter duo want to share about how similar yet how different their lives are through devotionals, recipes, crafts, homeschooling, and so much more.

Ready to meet our mother and daughter duo? 

Heather (also known as mom)

Wife, Daughter, Birth mother of four (one who resides with our Heavenly Father)  stepmom, "Gammi" (grandmother) currently to four, I wear many hats, and have many "jobs" to fill. 

Currently holding a BA in Arts, I chose the profession of Graphic Designer and currently operate as a freelancer for Mind of Creative Designer. I work from home, as well as homeschool the youngest (currently age 8) and then there is the whole house wife part. 

I am married to a wonderful christian man, whom is a recovering drug user and alcoholic by the power of God! (14 years from drugs, and 16 years from alcohol.)

We are active members of our church, that surrounds us with so many wonderful believers. Our heart and passion are the children, where you can find us volunteering as much as the childrens pastor lets us. 

Kinsley (also known as Kiki)

Mother of three, Kinsley is currently working on her about section. Please bare with her as she writes from the heart what God wants her to say about herself.